Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let me show you around

                  Some of our more attractive patrons and this is after you're a couple tankards in.

At this moment La Lapin Bleu is a modest tavern. Housing a bar that can hold several patrons and their drinks. If you're lucky a stool might even be available.*

The ale wives will make sure you have the finest ale that Wessex can offer.

For entertainment we have a lovely stage housing the best on local bawdy raunchy, and unsanctimonious theater this section of England can offer. So lewd you'll have to go to confession on Sunday twice. Our stage is the size of honest country fair but don't let's its modesty fool you of the quality of its shows.

For those in need a foreign diversion Darf F-M, co-proprietor of this establishment, will regale you in tales of the Dwarf-Land. Come here tell you the tale of Granny Grimtits, here of strange lands where Dwarfs live in titanic boots, hollow trees and hillside smials!

And if that's not enough there is more! Watch as the lovely ladies three dance to the music of a most strange and foreign beat. Don't be shy gentle folk these ladies are working for a living. Let the coin rain down on them as if you had just defeated the last dragon in England.

* stools broken during bar fights will be put onto the patrons tab.

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