Thursday, February 23, 2012

A question about what to do with the surplus charity

As it stands we have 383 gp 3 sp left over from the charity drive.

What do you all want to do with it?

1) Give it back proportionally to what was paid in?
2) Give it to the poor 1st level fighter so he can buy some decent armor to avoid this fate next time?
3) Use this to start a Adventurers' Mishaps Charity Fund as Allandaros mentioned?
4) Some other better idea I am not thinking of at this moment but you will share in the comments.

Either way let me know so the funds will go where you all want them to go.

EDIT Cole brought up a good point. 5) A Fighting Arena name after Kettil the Dane.


  1. 3 is excellent. In particular kidnap ransom insurance has a long and noble history among sailors. Really.

  2. I'm far too late with this, but I would have suggested using the extra gp to commission building an ironic statue commemorating the event. It'd be smallish, like an award.

    Or, let Kettil the Dane decide what to do with the surplus money that saved him. Call it a test of character. Will he be charitable himself?