Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sad news from The Blue Rabbit

Bite the Bugbear died tonight in the Hill Cantons. Plummeting to his death 600 feet below when the rusty chain snapped in the old outdoor elevator that was carrying him to scout a lower level. The body was unable to be recovered.

A wake will be held this Friday at dusk.

All FLAILSNAILS PCs are welcome, and any wishing to to leave heroic or fearsome words about this vicious henchmen are encouraged to do so.

In lieu of flowers his close clan mates, Stinky and Hairy, encourage PCs to bring goats to be slaughtered or enemies to be  burned on a pyre. As is tradition among his people.


The Management of the Blue Rabbit/Le Lapin Bleu


Father Jack has been so kind as to provide a homily on this most sad of days.

The prices of drinks also have been declared half off for the night.

Those bringing an enemy to through on the pyre or a goat to slaughter will get their first 2 drinks on the house.